Not for tourists guide


Mediterranenan: Speciality in rice, paellas…just in front of the Barceloneta beach

Xiringuito Escribà

A good paella on the sand in a classic chiringuito

INTRO: Barcelona the Delaliga way. Not for tourists, our philosophy. Living the local life, absorbing the immediate culture. Not doing what everyone else does, or just doing it differently. Getting to know the city in a way ordinary tourists never can.


We won’t go into the history of Barcelona or the typical things to go and see or how to get around, there is already plenty of information available about that. Instead we will share with you all the things and places we love and that we think make Barcelona such a fabulous city. It’s not a definitive list, we will add to and change it from time to time. It will always be based on personal experiences and will give you a unique insight into the city you would not otherwise get.

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